Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ringomax New Unblocked Website for UAE and Oman

New Unblocked Website for UAE and Oman

Ringomax  old website is now Blocked in UAE.

Use the Ringomax alternative  website and remember the link :  
It ends with .biz
It starts with HTTP. So don't try normal HTTP only. open the same link as you can see above.
New mobile dialers are ready ( unblock in UAE and oman )
Our new mobile dialers are now ready.
If you are facing voice quality issue , You can download new mobile dialers from : 

New link for Web Based dialer
If you are facing voice quality issue in our Pc2phone dialer, You can use the web based dialer on below link : 

Create new account and recharge instantly 
It is as simple as 1, 2, 3 .
1: Please download our Pc2phone dialer from here  
2: Install it.
3: Click "New User" on the login screen of this messenger.
4: Complete the registration. Now Login to Messenger and click Account --> recharge.

If you don't have CC , or paypal account or ringomax reseller , You may visit this link to recharge your Ringomax in UAE 


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